Presentation of the historical Essay of the researcher Lic. Loreto Raúl Ramos Cárdenas
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Lic. Loreto Raúl Ramos Cárdenas
National Archive of the Republic of Cuba

On February 13, in the framework of the International Book Fair of Havana, 2019, in its usual headquarters the San Carlos de la Cabaña Castle, the historical essay entitled "Pedro Ivonnet: Passion and Death of an Unknown Mambí" was presented. by the Editorial Caserón of the UNEAC of Santiago de Cuba. The President of the Editorial Rodolfo Castellanos and the Argentine writer Karina Silvana Krenn were present among others.


The author of the work, Lic. Loreto Raúl Ramos Cárdenas, researcher of the National Archive of Cuba, exchanged with the public explaining how Pedro Ivonnet came to his life and the years that his research took him, associated with a previous research project in his own National Archive in which other colleagues of the institution participated and which had as a preliminary result the publication of a chronology about the color independents.

Ivonnet is a little-known personality of Cuban history that had great relevance as a fighter for the independence of the country, very close to the Lieutenant General of the Liberation Army Antonio Maceo Grajales in the last stage of the War of Independence. His main role in the nascent Republic of 1902 was associated with his leadership in the Independent Color Party in the eastern region, specifically in Santiago de Cuba.

The author of the essay invited those present to delve into a controversial and controversial chapter of our history through the figure of Ivonnet, who experienced first-hand the racism that prevailed at the time, due to the condition of her mother's slave Jacinta Echavarría, "Mayuesín" as they all called him in the family circle.

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