CALL XVIII History and Archivology Workshop
Thursday, May 22, 2014


XVIII History and Archivology Workshop

November 3 to 5, 2014, Havana, Cuba


Dear colleagues:

The "XVIII Workshop on History and Archivology" organized by the National Archive of the Republic of Cuba, aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among specialists, technicians and researchers, social sciences and information and documentation centers; promote institutional cooperation in the field of archival, conservation, restoration and historical studies with the use of primary sources and encourage the use of ICT's in the production of high-value-added archival products.

That is why the National Archive of the Republic of Cuba has the pleasure of calling him to participate in the "XVIII Workshop on History and Archivology" which will be held from November 3 to 5, 2014, at its headquarters, under the motto : "FOR THE PRESERVATION OF HISTORICAL MEMORY".

This event, with national character and foreign participation, will be dedicated to the Cuban Archivist's Day, which is celebrated annually on November 3.


President: MSc. Martha M. Ferriol Marchena

Vice President: Lic. Miriam Ruiz Meriño

Secretary: Lic. Elvira Corbelle Sanjurjo

Members: MSc. Gerardo Cabrera Prieto

Lic. Laura R. Sierra Socarrás


Professionals and technicians from institutions whose mission includes the management, conservation, restoration, research and promotion of documentary heritage.


The scientific program will be developed through specialized conferences and committee work (panels, presentations and posters or posters).


1. Archival:

  •     Records. Organization, problems and perspectives, in the Institutional File Systems.
  •     Experiences in the documentary treatment.
  •     Archival services and access to information. Problems and challenges.
  •     The use in archives of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
  •     Management of cultural promotion in the archives.
  •     Experience of international collaboration in archival matters.
  •     Experience in the legal protection of archives.
  •     Management processes applied to files.

2. Preventive Conservation and Restoration:

  •     The diagnosis of the state of conservation of collections and documentary collections.
  •     The archive building and its influence on the conservation of documentary heritage.
  •     The conditioning of tanks to guarantee the correct conservation of the collections.
  •     The environmental quality in the deposits and the conservation of the collections.
  •     The biodeterioration of documentary supports and their control.
  •     The rescue of damaged collections in disaster situations.
  •     The restoration of documents of patrimonial value.
  •     The restoration of valuable bindings.

3. The use of documentary sources for the study of History:

  •      Political processes and Latin American independence
  •     Slavery and its legacies.
  •     Thought and historiography.
  •     Raciality and gender identity.
  •     Migrations and conformation of urban and rural spaces.
  •     Production systems: types of economies, productive structures, work regimes, companies and entrepreneurs.
  •     Exploitation of natural resources; historical forms and environmental impact.
  •     Commerce, banks and financial systems.
  •     Governments, policies and transformations.
  •     Social movements and their organizations.


  1.     All interested Cuban and foreign professionals will be able to participate, as speakers or observers.
  2.     The papers to be presented must be unpublished and refer to the use of the documentary sources existing in the archives or linked to them.
  3.     The speakers must submit in digital format, before July 31, 2014, the following information:
  •     Work title.
  •     Author or authors.
  •     Summary of the work in a paragraph of 250 words maximum; written in Arial 12 and a space.
  1.     When the work corresponds to a group of authors, a certificate of accreditation will be given to all the authors, although only one will attend and will present on its behalf, providing the following data, as well as the individual authors:
  2.     The speakers will be entitled to 15 minutes to defend their work and another 10 minutes for the debate. A diploma will be delivered to the speakers and participants.
  3.     The Academic Committee of the event will approve the works that will participate. Abstracts and approved papers should be sent to:
  •     Names and surnames.
  •     ID number.
  •     Entity to which it belongs (address, telephone and e-mail).

Lic. Elvira Corbelle Sanjurjo. E-mail:

They can also deliver the work at the venue of the event:

National Archive of the Republic of Cuba

Sita in Calle Compostela No. 906, corner of San Isidro, Havana, Cuba.

CP: 10100

7. Registration fee:

    $ 50.00 CUP for Cuban citizens.
    $ 50.00 CUC for foreigners, Cubans residing abroad and foreigners residing in Cuba.

Payment must be made in cash and directly in the National Archive Box.

The registration fee in the Event covers: participation in all program activities, certificate and refreshments.

  1.     Admission deadline for abstracts: July 31, 2014.
  2.     The Academic Committee will have until September 30 to inform the authors of the acceptance or not of the works.

10. The authors of accepted papers will have until October 25 to send the full papers, which will be included in the memories of the event and which must meet the following requirements:

  •     It should not exceed 20 pages, written in space and a half.
  •     Justified text in Arial font 12 points.
  •     The document must be set to the "Letter" format with margins of 2.5 cm.
  •     The figures and tables should be located at the end of the document after the Bibliography.
  •     The document must be sent in Word format

11. Deadline to confirm attendance: October 30, 2014



If you need to stay in Havana, we recommend you to do it in cheap hotels near the National Archive. For this, you can contact the Total Caribbean Experience S.A. agency by email account or the Website:



HAVANA, MAY 16, 2014